Ashley Beedle needs no presentations. Since the glory days of acid house through the Black Science Orchestra up to the X-press2, Ashley marked with his fine touch twenty years of dance music. Back To The World, his new label, deserves instead few words, so we asked to the boss himself what’s going on.


Ashley, can you tell us why you started your label, ‘Back To The World’ in 2014.


It was at a time when I didn’t have a label to put out any of my own mixes or to release work by other artists who I liked. So, on Adamski’s kitchen table, ‘Back To The World’ was born so I could put out my own music and other peoples!! The label is named after a tattoo on my left arm and a Curtis Mayfield album.


How do you choose the artists and tracks for the label? Is there a master plan?


The artists are chosen by the A&R department which includes me and Jo Wallace, my partner!! She listens to tracks on Soundcloud and gets me to approve them.  I then write to the artists and ask them if they’d like to be on Back To The World. So far, the master plan is working!!! We’re very proud to have released tracks from Earl Zinger, Adamski, Waterson and most recently, Igor Jadranin and his amazing ‘Boulevardd’ EP – including ‘Middle Proves’. I’ve released a couple of tracks on BTTW with my musical partner, Darren Morris as Crazy Godz – there’ll be more from us later in the year. Also, watch out for the Kenny Dope mixes on ‘Tell Me’ and some BIG producer/remixers on Waterson’s follow up 12” ‘Shelter’. I’ll also be releasing a concept album called ‘Africanz on Marz’ – it’s been 4 years in the making but it features Kurt Wagner from Lambchop on narration as well as DJ Cosmo from the Loft parties. Watch this space!

It’s cool how the label started and remained under the radar on social media. Do you want the label growth to remain organic or become more high profile with each release?


It is important to be on social media these days and to be honest, the only reason that I wasn’t in the label’s early days is that I was too busy in the studio!!! The growth of the label will remain organic – its reputation will stand on its musical content and endorsement from people who have a genuine passion for what we do.


Do you have vinyl releases for each track?


At the moment, each track is vinyl with downloads after the initial release. But there will be some digital only projects that are in the pipeline.


What can we expect for the next release?


Distorted techno with a smattering of jazz funk from Igor Jadranin on his ‘Boulevardd’ EP – coming out on vinyl mid May. It’s a very exciting release for us.


Is it true that your amazing Black Science Orchestra project is making a return on Back To The World?


Yes!! I’ve been speaking to Rob Mello and he’s worked on a couple of ideas that I’ve sent him.  The first thing we’re doing as BSO is a mix on Waterson’s forthcoming track called ‘FRO’ – it’s going to be BIG!!!


We’re really excited that Kenny Dope has just done some mixes on ‘Tell Me’ – was that a surprise?


Totally!! Kenny had played the KDA Club Vocal of ‘Tell Me’ for 10 weeks in a row on his Rinse FM show. Then he posted a tweet saying that he’d love to remix the track!!!! We dropped him a line and within a couple of weeks the mixes came through.  We’re just waiting to send them out as DJ promos – but they will be available as digital releases soon.



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