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Dream Phases

Brandon Graham e la sua band tornano in Europa con un fittissimo tour che parte proprio a casa degli amici di Spiagge Records. La band di Los Angeles ha il loro primo disco in uscita il 18 ottobre, s’intitola “So Long, Yesterday” via Nomad Eel Records and Lunar Ruins e già all’ascolto di “Confusion” è chiara l’intenzione di proseguire l’eclettico viaggio psych rock degli ep precedenti. I Dream Phases propongono un suono  vintage intriso di melodie folk-rock mescolato a qualcosa di più contemporaneo come noisy pop e dreamy folk, sul Bandcamp della band potete trovare tutti i dettagli della release mentre ora passiamo alle nostre classiche 5 domande e risposte rilasciate dal gruppo alla crew di Spiagge Records… giusto il tempo che ci vuole per ascoltare “Confusion”.

Info evento: Wednesday rockin’ Wednesday – Dream Phases (USA) Live – Free Entry

So Long, Yesterday is almost out, can you describe the new album to us?

The album is our debut studio album. We’ve released a couple of EP’s, singles, and a compilation album, but this is the main thing we’ve been working on for two years. It was recorded in Los Angeles at Moosecat Recording with Mike Post.

Tomorrow, yesterday… Up to lyrics of Frightened man you explain as chance to “not missing out on lives grand adventures and possibilities”. What “time” means to you and your writing?

 I think that it is really easy to spend your time essentially living in either the past, with worrying or in the future worrying about where you’ll be. It’s about trying to live in the now so that the actual time that is happening is appreciated.

 You still continue producing your music, how was your approach to “So Long, Yesterday” different from the preceding works?

 It was similar except that we worked with engineers on most of this one and it was mixed by Mike Post, where as Shane and I mixed some of our other releases. Also it has songs from several different recording sessions that started in December 2017.

 Heard you love playing in the EU: what are the main differences between touring US and Europe?

 Yeah we definitely do, and probably prefer it. Mostly because it’s amazing to go play somewhere that is new and unique, also the hospitality is way better in Europe. The promoters and venues really take care of you and try to make sure you eat and have places to rest/sleep. The crowds also feel more engaged overall.

European Tour

 We’re all interested to California’s neo-psychedelic scene: in time we knew (and fortunately, often seen live!) Holy Waves, Sugar Candy Mountain, Cool Ghouls, L.A. Witch, Levitation Room and Dream Phases too… But man! We’re still too busy cooking pizzas and fighting at the stadium while following our football team to find out the other tons of artists the scene probably includes. Can you name some of them??

 Yeah those are all great bands. Some other one’s we dig are the Blank Tapes, Triptides, Vinyl Williams, hooveriii, Riorden, Family of Light Band, Send Medicine, Low Hum, No. 44, Hearty Har. There are some many good ones right now!

Dream Phases




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